Thursday, May 01, 2008

Day 4

We were lucky to be able to have my mother come visit right before Lamont left. One of the best things that came from her visit was her watching the kids overnight so Lamont and I could have a night to ourselves. It was so nice to just have it be just him and I. We started off going to the movies where I ended up falling asleep on him several times, there was hardly anyone in the theatre....i'm sure me falling asleep isn't what he had in mind! Then we went back to our hotel room and started getting ready for our night out. We ended up going to Guadalajara's where we had dinner (their nachos are amazing!) and then stayed to dance. It was such a wonderful night and it broke my heart when I saw the suitcase still in our room the night he left. Here are our snapshots from the night....just enjoying it being him and I.

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