Thursday, March 30, 2006

Not a Failure With Me

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Ok, so I went to go see Failure to Launch with my friend April last night and as you can tell by the second was a joy to watch....*blushing* I was never a fan of Matthew, but after seeing him in this light, i'm reformed! The movie was very cute and MM and SJP worked really well as a couple. This would kind of fall into a chick flick, but I can see guys going to see it and having a few laughs. There is one scene that is a little disturbing and it involes Terry Bradshaw....those who have seen it are probably rolling around laughing at this point! So all in all I would say this is probably a 3.5 star movie. Not bad for a girl's night out movie, but also would be a good rental.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Time to Replenish

Okay, so we finally got a night to go out and let our hair down, so to say. We don't get to go out that often as a couple, so when we do we appreciate the break. The club we went to is called Peabody's on the Oceanfront in Va Beach. It's a pretty decent place with a good variety of music and people. I don't think i've danced more in my life then I did last night! The club was having a MILF and DILF contest, for those few who may not know what that's a Mother or Dad I Would Like to F... i'm sure you can fill in the blank on that one. Well Lamont and I played with the idea of it, because the prize was 250$ per person! But in the end we didn't get enough liquid courage to get us up there and the prize went to a mother of 7 and a 40 year old who happend to be a father of the 2 school-girl dressed dancers on stage! Yea, not sure if that had anything to do with it! It's an annual contest, so I told Lamont that hopefully next year I will be down to my goal weight and I will gain enough courage to get up on that stage and fight for that MILF prize! *nervous smile*

All in all I had a blast! Last night taught me alot. Not only do you need to take a break for yourself sometimes, but you need to take the time to find out what made you fall in love with your signifigant other in the first place. I was able to find that out last night. Lamont is fun loving with an infectious smile. We love to dance with eachother and most of all we know how to have fun together. It's nice to fall back in love with him after 11 years of marriage. We both needed to feel that again, and thankfully we did.

Welcome To My World!!

Welcome to my new site where I've decided to bring you all into my appropriately titled...Crazy Beautiful Life. Let me introduce myself for those who don't know me. My name is Mariaelissa but my friends call me Lissa. I am a 28 year old mom of four amazing, wonderful children. My husband felt that he hit the jackpot when he "gave" me 2 boys and 2 girls! Yes he stills brags about this to anyone who will listen. I'm not complaining because I ended up with 4 beautiful babies. Our babies are Anthonne who is 10, Alyxandrea is 8, Mayson is 4 and Ysabella is 13 mos. They attribute to the crazy and beautiful part of my life. My husband Lamont and I have been married for 11 years, we have one wild story about how we got together and the trials that we have been through, but I will have to save that story for another time. He is in the Navy and that has been very difficult. I once told my parents that I was never going to marry a military man. My dad was in the Army and I saw what my mom went through and I never wanted that. Yet I marry a man in the Navy, where they are gone for at least 6 months up to a year at times! Then I go and make 4 babies with him!!! And now I've decided to start my own photography business. I have always loved photography and never thought I could make it into a business until last year. I'm enjoying having something that is all mine!

Well that is just a small glimpse into my life. There is never a dull moment in my house, and I will share every gory detail with you!! *Smooches*