Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 119

Well I have decided that I will try my hardest to post everyday but if I don't I will stop beating myself up over it. I have tried my hardest to keep this going and between the sheer exhaustion and overwhelming list of things to do I just decided to update it as often as I can.
I can't believe the kids will be back in school by next week! They are ready, I am ready and honestly I just can't afford for them to be home any longer!! They have eaten me out of house and home this summer and I just can't keep the refrigerated stocked enough! Of course I will miss sleeping in, late night movies, the beach, the pool, and of course no homework!! But all good things must come to an end and good will come from this. I will have less fights to break up, more food in the house, more time to work on my pictures and just a piece of my sanity back!! But on another good note...just look at how cute they are when they are being sweet to eachother....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 115

Well first of all I would like to apologize to everyone for the HUGE delay in my blog. About 2 weeks ago I became flooded with clients and jobs and I found myself so busy, so sleep deprived that I didn't know what to do. I accepted these jobs because let's face it, I have 4 kids to buy school clothes and 3 to buy supplies for. We all know that is not cheap. But the downside to this is that I have fell behind on alot of things, especially my blog. I love doing this, and I love all of you who read it. It means alot that you are going through this with me. So now for the updating...

The kids and I have been enjoying our summer, although I am now ready for them to go back to They are really starting to pick on eachother over every little thing and it's starting to wear on my nerves.

Lamont is doing okay. We've had some scary times lately. Alot of it has been on the news and alot of it has left me feeling just feeling numb. I know i have to put it in God's hands, but it's so hard sometimes knowing where he is. This has caused so much stress on him that I can see it changing him to an extent. I just want my family back, it's a constant wish I have. I know this won't be forever, but it doesn't make it any easier in the present.

I want to apologize again for letting almost 3 weeks go by without an update. Some days I just don't know how to organize it all. There always seems to be something going on and although I love being busy, I hate the chaos it brings. Some would say to slow down and not do as much, but with 4 kids that just isn't always realistic. So enough of my are some recent pictures of the kids and I.

I hope these bring you some bit of happiness babe....I love you and just want you to be happy.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Day 98

I haven't talked to Lamont in 2 days...yea i've gotten spoiled hearing from him everyday. It was a very busy weekend, like most are, and this one ended with me working. I had a shoot that turned out really good and hopefully will lead to more opportunites, and of course more jobs! I have school clothes and supplies to buy for 3 this year...almost 4 counting a few things for Bella's preschool. I took a pic of myself waiting on my client. It was sooo hot today and we didn't even start his shoot until after 6! I'm loving it though because before I know it the cold will be back, and the days of lounging in the warm sun will be gone...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Day 97

Anthonne's sleepover went well. He had a great time and the boys were soo great. I didn't even realize I had 6 kids in the house. Today we went to the kids basketball game and they had their team pictures. The game was a good one and both Anthonne and Aly played their hearts out! I was so proud of them. They start one on one lessons next week and then on the 18th they will start basketball camp. I'm hoping this will be something they continue to love.
When we got home I took Aly to do some school shopping. We bought clothes, shoes a new backpack and lunchbox for both her and Bella. Bella will be attending preschool...woo We got home and put them away, then I started the laundry while Mayson and Bella helped. We were talking about what they want to be when they grow up and Mayson proudly exclaimed....A nurse, a doctor and a SUPERHERO...cause I have strong muscles!! Ahh the joys of boys!

*our superhero stuggling with daddy's equiptment and missing a few teeth*

Friday, August 01, 2008

Day 96

Today we had Anthonne's birthday sleepover. He invited two of his friends and honestly I haven't seen much of them all night! We had pizza, cake and then off they went. They've played video games and watched movies. This is what happens as your child gets older, it's less about you and more about their friends and social life. I do miss him being a little boy though, I miss his cute little squeaky voice and big brown eyes. No matter how old he gets, that is how i'll always remember him.

We went to the neighbors house and sang Happy Birthday to Anthonne and Rhamanique (neighbor's daughter).