Friday, May 02, 2008

An amazing family

I frequent a celebrity baby blog often....okay well everyday. Yes I am addicted, but through that I was given the blessing of coming across an amazing family who is ministering to people through their pain. Sometimes when you are hurting it helps to hear stories of how other people have been able to deal with their hurt and loss. I will never try to compare my situation with the one of this family or anything like that. But I do feel a sense of loss everyday and I do want to be able to walk through this and be a better person in the end. The moment I started reading the story of the Smith family I knew God had sent me into their lives via the internet for a reason. They are a family who have recently suffered, in my opinion, one of the worst pains in the world...the loss of a child. But it's what they have have done with this pain that is truly amazing. They have chosen to bring people to God through this, through the life of their little angel Audrey Caroline. I encourage you to please check out the blog that mom Angie Smith has created in memory of her daughter. It will minister to any situation you may be going through.

Also please take the time to watch this video about their family. It is almost 30 minutes long, but I promise you will forever be changed afterwards. I have found new strength and faith by just allowing myself to be captured by their story and to see the tenderness and honesty they have allowed us to see in them.

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