Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Day 9

I decided this year to give myself a Mother's Day gift. The gift of pictures with each of my babies. It's something that I don't get to do often, and I really wanted to be able to look back one day and remember when it was just the five of us. Before girlfriends/boyfriends, husbands and wives. Before life takes them away from our home and all I get are the occasional holiday pictures, or birthday wishes. I know it will all happen sooner then we would like, but for now they are just my babies.

Here is my first gift to, Ysabella and mommy. We had a fun day of girl time. I straightened my hair and then hers for the first time. She loved it, and I loved seeing how happy it made her. Daddy might get mad at me, but I know he'll love the pictures too much to get too upset ;)

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Melanie said...

Awwwww... She is way too cute! Getting so big!