Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 30

One month down....11 more to go...lol. I'll take the small accomplishments right now. I haven't talked to Lamont today nor do I expect to for awhile. He will be training the rest of the week and then heading to his final destination in Afghanistan. I need to go out this week and finish shopping for his father's day and birthday gift! I made a vow to be better at sending packages this time around. Last year I was horrible, and felt even worse when he got home and told me how it felt to see people getting packages all the time and rarely getting any himself. So even if it's a letter, I will be sending him stuff all of the time to make this time go by faster!
I wanted to share the rest of the pictures from the barbeque yesterday. I can't tell you how much fun we all really had. The kids were literally in the pool or outside from the time it started until almost 9pm. They begged to go into it today since they are officially done with homework, but I was on rest mode today!

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