Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Day 191

Well the time i've prayed for has come! Lamont called me the other night to tell me that he was coming home, and for good! Basically he's had some medical problems, ones that will hopefully be fixed once home, and they have said enough is enough and he needs to come home. God works things out that we just can't understand. I've prayed and wished for something like this to happen, and now it's here. Now I can feel normal and whole again. I'm still in shock and I know that it won't feel real until i'm picking him up from the airport, but he is due to leave tomorrow! He will have to go to Kuwait first, but then he will be home. Thank you so much for everyone who has stayed with me during this time, it has meant so much to have people all over the world reading this and praying for us. God obviously answers prayers!