Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 54

My busy, busy week is finally over and i'm looking forward to hanging out with good friends this weekend. The kids started basketball last night and they loved it! I loved being able to workout while they practiced and not feeling stressed over watching over the younger two. That's one of the advantages of having them play for the Y. They have a scrimmage game tomorrow morning and then they will start their actual games next week. I have some exciting events taking place for my buisness that will hopefully help put me on the map. I have loved being able to maintain my business and my family life while Lamont has been gone. It's definitely something that has kept me very busy. I am currently getting ready for a photography workshop next month that will for sure be an amazing experience.

I wanted to share a few pictures Lamont's Aunt June recently sent me. They are from his cousin Justin's wedding last summer that we had the pleasure of attending. It was the first time Lamont's grandmother got to meet our children. It was a wonderful day and I loved revisiting it through these pictures.

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