Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 53

Lamont and the wonderful woman responsible for not only giving him life, but raising him to be a the husband and father he is to us....

Today is my honey's 35th birthday and I wish so much that I could've been with him to celebrate. I miss him so much and I hated knowing he was alone today, but thankfully I did see him online earlier and we got to talk for a long time. It was a very emotional morning but I was so happy that I got to express to him how much he is loved and wanted back home. I told him that I changed my profile song on myspace and that I wanted him to hear it because it truly is how I feel about him. I know alot of you know this song, but I wantes= to share a video of the song and dedicate it to the one person who truly gets me in this world. Happy Birthday baby....I love you and I hope you know that even being thousands of miles away I still feel so connected to you and feel so proud to be your wife.

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