Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 48

I am soo behind this weekend!! It's been a very busy, but very productive weekend. Saturday we ripped and ran around. The boys got their haircuts, we had a chuck e cheese birthday party and I got to shoot my first fashion show! The fashion show was so much fun and I can definitely say I am hooked! I met alot of important contacts so hopefully this will help my fashion photography take off.
Lamont had a pretty scary weekend. He wasn't able to give details but I know this is just a whole different life then he's used to. I know there is so much he's not able to tell me and at times i'm grateful for that. I just wait patiently everyday for a sign that he's okay. Then there are times when I just cry, cry over what i'm missing, cry over the lonliness I know he's feeling, and cry for the emptiness the kids and I feel without him. But in the end, I know this will all be over, and the joys we will have will overide the sadness we feel now. These are a few pictures Lamont sent of himself training in Kuwait. Aly wasn't able to look at them because the images of her father holding a gun are too much for her. I understand that completely and have promised her that I will not show her anymore of them.

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