Sunday, June 01, 2008

Day 35

So June is here and now I can say that Lamont will be home permanently a year from now! May not sound like much but it is what it is. This will not last forever....that is what i keep telling myself. I'm happy to say that he arrived safely to his base and will start his schedule this week. Another cool thing is that he bumped into a good friend of ours from when we lived in Puerto Rico 8 years ago! We have spent birthdays together, holidays and they came to our wedding. So it is nice to know they will have a familiar face and go through this experience together. Another cool thing is that they live right outside of where we decide to retire in just a few short years!

So it's late and I need to get to bed and I was bad and didn't take any pictures today, so i'm going to share a picture that makes me smile. And I think on the days where life is too crazy to take pics that is what i'll do...share a picture that makes me smile, and that i know will make Lamont smile.

I love you baby...forever and ever

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