Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 52

Boy oh boy has it been a day. So here is a breakdown of it....
11:20-dr. appt. for Anthonne (it turned out fine)
12:00- come home clean up a little, eat lunch,
1:00-take Aly to her dr. appt(she too is fine)
1:30- go to the NEX to buy Aly some basketball shorts and shoes for her first practice tomorrow..we end up trying on clothes buying a few outfits for her and having a nice mommy daughter shopping trip
3:30-commissary trip to do our "big" grocery shopping
4:30-get home and unload groceries
5:00-start dinner (thanks to Aly) and try to get some of the kids bathed..the ones who I couldn't stand the smell of
6:30-rush out to make it to church on time
9:30-get home from church and pull my hair out as i'm trying to get kids in bed, fix broken blinds and regain some sanity from a long, hard day!
Oh did I forget to mention the puddle of brand new laundry detergent on the laundry room floor...courtesy of miss aly...AND the little three year old who decided she was going to sneak into mommy's room...completely mess up my jewerly box (jewerly scattered all over my room and hallway) and the kicker....smear makeup all over my bed. So that leads into my picture of the day. After my long day I came into my room to find this....

It just made me want to crawl into my closet and just hide in there for awhile....just long enough for the cleaning fairy to come in and take care of all of it for me. Wishful thinking I know.

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