Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 95

I took the kids back to the pool today, this time with all of the neighbors. We were having a good time until a storm came and rained all over us. We walked home barely being able to see in front of us, but hey we were already wet so no big deal!

Lamont asked to see my new set up for my studio. Back in January I had to give up my studio space so it was time to get creative. I set this up in the garage and as I perfect it I will go back and take a better picture, but here it is babe. And it works great...example #1. This is the brand new baby of one of lamont's old coworkers and good friend. He was born 6 weeks prematurly, but is healthy and absolutely beauitful. So here is Munn's new baby, Jamiere Antonio Munn.

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