Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day 63

Saturday night I met up with my good friend Crystal and her best friend Daria who was visiting from Florida. We all went to dinner and dancing and had a great time. I bonded with Daria instantly and had her hinting about shooting her upcoming wedding in April.....we shall see...lol.

Sunday the kids and I went to church and was so blessed with yet another amazing service. It was the first time Anthonne sat in with me, gone are the days of children's church for him. He's pretty much a teen now, so he will join me in the sanctuary. We were treated to a local christian rap group called Raiderz of the Lost and really enjoyed their message, even more Anthonne really got into it. Afterwards we got home and I, for the first time EVER, relaxed my daughter's hair. Okay so i'm not sure if alot of you will know how important and scary this is, but I have never had a relaxer, never seen anyone get their hair relaxed and definitely haven't ever done one. So you could imagine how scary it was to do my first one on my child, BUT i was left with no other option. My neighbor came over and helped me and the results are beautiful.

So sweetie, although I can't cornrow or even french braid (bowing my head in shame) I can now relax our daughter's hair so she will no longer have to look a hot mess (although she is too beautiful to ever look bad...but her hair was looking very rough!!)

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