Thursday, July 03, 2008

Day 67

I got to start my day off with a nice messenger conversation with i'm all smiles! I have so much to do today and I really need to get off of my behind to do I need to get the rest of the things we will need for tomorrow. It is a tradition that we spend the day at the beach and then watch the fireworks right there, so that is what we will be doing.
I would love to take this time to brag on my honey a little. While he was deployed last year he participated in the United Through Reading program, which has the deployed sailors/soldiers read books to their loved ones and put them on dvd to send home. My kids loved watching theirs and it helped them feel connected to their dad more. Well he got to Kabul and found out that they don't have that program there and so he has started it for the sailors and soldiers there. It caught on and now all of the countries that are represented on base wants to participate! So there will be little Italian, German, French, Turkeish, and Spanish children who will all benefit from this wonderful program. I love you sweetie and i'm so proud of you!!
Now onto my picture for today. Bella walked in with mr. kingsley all snuggled up in her stroller, problem is he wasn't happy about it. In fact he wouldn't even look up at me, he just sat there with this ticked off, ashamed look on his face. But hey, now that he's the youngest of five...what does he expect???

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