Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day 66

Today has been a good but tiring day. Yesterday I saw my dr. about some thyroid problems i've had and he had decided to send me to see an endocrinologist. I've had alot of fluctuations in my numbers and I recently had an ultrasound which showed a nodule on the left side. They are sure everything is fine, but want to see why i've been so tired lately. I've been working out since December and although I have toned up a little I haven't really lost alot. So hopefully I will get some answers. I have dealt with this for over 10 years, and finally I have a doctor who doesn't want to push my health to the side.

On a brighter note Lamont and I have been able to talk more lately and have had really good conversations! I even got a date of his return next year, so far it's slated for the 1st of May! I'm so happy but know how the military works so I know it's not set in stone!

For my pictures today I wanted to share two books that i'm reading right now. The first was given to me by my sister in law and it has turned out to be a very interesting and good read. I'm very intrigued to read about story of women's lives and this is very interesting because it is a biblical woman, wife of Moses. I would highly recommend it. The next is one I have just started but am already totally engrossed in. It's a brand new book by an author who was the first winner of the Terry McMillan young author award.

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