Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day 65

Okay so I'm finally caught up! Day 64 is today, Tuesday the 1st! I can't believe it's July already. This will be a very busy month for all of us. Anthonne will turn 13 in 19 days, I am going on my photography workshop in 17 days and hopefully we will take a trip to visit some old friends. Today Lamont sent me a package that had two cds of pictures. I was so appreciative of these because it is just another way to feel connected. I went through all of his pictures and wanted to share a few. Alot of them are from his training in South Carolina and one really cool picture of a flag. I will limit the pictures of him holding his gun since I know it upsets the kids to see it. Lately Bella has really been missing her daddy. Almost on a daily basis she comes to me crying that she wants her daddy, i know it has finally hit her that he's not coming home anytime soon and her little heart is broken over that. I've said it before, but that truly is the toughest thing to go through.

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momof2redheads said...

Hi there, I came across your blog about a month or so ago and have been reading it daily. I come from a Navy family and when I got older I married a man in the Air Force so I guess you could say I am military through and through. My oldest Brother left this past month for Iraq. I wanted you to know that your blog is helping me with missing him. So I hope you don't mind that I look foward to reading your blog daily. I grew up in Virginia Beach and have very fond memories of the beach. Thanks for doing this blog.