Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 77

Today (Sunday) was yet another busy day. Lamont and I had a very long conversation during the morning and it was hard, but we were able to get through alot of issues, or at least I hope we did. I just hope he knows how much I truly love him, even in the bad times. He will always be the first person I turn to when i'm hurt, the first person i want to share my good news with, and the only person who has my heart 100%. I hope he truly understands that.

My day ended with a photoshoot that was very interesting. Picture this...old broken down auto garage, old cars, music coming from...we had no clue, and stray cats everywhere. The ones that look like they have been through hard times! It made for a cool setting, but a little scary at times. I had to take a picture of one of the cats. Take note of the huge lump on it's back...yea it was unsettling to us too.

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