Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 154

I thought i would try something different with this post. I want to have a happy post, something positive for not only me but especially for Lamont. So i'll tell you about how we met, 15 years ago. It was this month 15 years ago that my best friend and I decided to go to the Ingleside base to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. The base was having a big festival with tours of the Navy ships. Lamont had just joined the Navy and wasn't working that day, so he slept in his rack all day. My bestfriend and I thought we were too cute, and before we knew it we were taking tour after tour of his ship. I met his friend Andre first. He looked just like Tupac and I was soo in love with Tupac back then that it instantly drew me in. So we flirted and exchanged phone numbers. Before we knew it the festival was coming to an end and everyone was leaving the boat. So my friend and I stayed on the pier for a little while talking to Andre. I remember at one point looking up to see this cinnamon skinned, beautiful smiled man just staring at me. I thought he was so fine, but I felt bad looking at him because I was talking to Andre. Well I said my goodbyes and as i walked away this guy started to follow. I would turn around every so often and there he was just smiling. So at one point my friend and I stopped and just hung out and talked, he stopped too by some pay phones and called some Well we decided to go find my friend's parents and started to walk away when we hear a...psst...hey girl's come here. My friend got so excited cause she thought it was her turn to talk to a guy. So we walked over and there he was hanging off the phone smiling at us and just being flirtatious. I thought he was so cute, but I had just given his friend my # and I just couldn't be known as those kind of So he flirted with my friend and kept looking over at me, as I proceeded to call my dad and get chewed out about not checking in with him. After talking for awhile we decided we better find her parents before getting in trouble so we left and I really thought it would be the last time i would see him.
Well Lamont has always been the kind of guy that when he wants something he stops at nothing until he gets it, so he decided he would find a way to get my phone number. He told Andre that he wanted my number so he could ask me for my friend's number and before I knew it he was calling me like every weekend. At first it was just a quick hello then it turned into us talking for awhile, mind you he never asked me for my friend's number. I have to say that I fell for Lamont quickly. I was young and it was definitely puppy love, but it was my first love. A year later when I found out I was pregnant, it was that love that made me decide to keep my baby. It was the hardest decision, but I know now it was the most wonderful decision of my life. It's been a struggle over the years to keep a young marriage together. But we have and now we are going through more struggles and I think for the first time ever we both feel defeated. But I'm telling you love this is the time when we both have to remember what we have overcomed. We have to remember the first time we saw eachother and how much we both wanted to be with eachother. We can make it through this, but we both have to be willing to get over this hurdle like we've done for years. We can't give up the last 15 years...

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jazztam said...

Hi Lissa- I understand the feeling of defeat. I wouldnt want to to go through this =experience again if my life depended on it, but know I can do it if given the task. I am sure you are doing the best you can do given the circumstances. How much longer until Lamont come homes for his mid-break?