Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 143

Well once again, a big break inbetween posts but life has been hectic as usual. The kids are happy in school, Bella is loving preschool and i'm happy with the break i get in the day. Business has been good. It's still such a double edged sword because on one hand it brings us extra income and i love doing it, but on the other it's so hard to find the time for anything extra. I'm very behind on editing and always behind on sleep, but that is the norm. On an upside we are doing pretty good. Lamont and I are doing alot better and he seems to be happier. The kids are doing pretty good handling everything. Bella is still crying for her daddy though, and that is pretty tough. She wakes up every morning telling me she misses him. She'll say little things here and there that are so unexpected that I can't help but to tear up. But all in all they are doing great and I'm very proud of them.
On another good note I had an awesome opportunity last night that came about from my work. I have recently been signed to be the exclusive photographer for the Miss 757 contest here in Hampton Roads and I got a text from one of the owners saying we were all invited to a local radio station to meet Robin Thicke. It was a great experience and even better that only 30 or so people were there. So we all got to personally meet him and speak to him and of course take pictures. He also gave us all a signed picture, so it was a fun night. Here is one of the pictures I was able to get. I hope to one day be a personal photographer to people like him...ahhh dreams...


Mama H said...

Hi, just to lend you some support...I was an Army Brat and missed my dad horribly when he was gone for two tours to Vietnam. Also, my two brothers have been stationed in Iraq (USMC) a few times and I see what it is currently like on their kids. Some things that helped with the distance...we used to record dinner conversations and send them dad loved them! We didn't know the tape recorder was on as my mom hid it in the corner so the conversation was so impromptu and natural. My sis-in-laws have done this for my brothers during their tours and they loved it too. It seems like communication the old fashioned way but maybe that made it so much more special and spontaneous. We would get tapes back from dad as well just to us kids and I still have them with his voice on them. Good luck..praying for you in CA.

Melanie said...

Ohhhh Wow! What a great opportunity for you!

I'm glad to hear things seem to be going better this post! You always make me tear up when you talk about the kids... Don't know what it is!