Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 119

Well I have decided that I will try my hardest to post everyday but if I don't I will stop beating myself up over it. I have tried my hardest to keep this going and between the sheer exhaustion and overwhelming list of things to do I just decided to update it as often as I can.
I can't believe the kids will be back in school by next week! They are ready, I am ready and honestly I just can't afford for them to be home any longer!! They have eaten me out of house and home this summer and I just can't keep the refrigerated stocked enough! Of course I will miss sleeping in, late night movies, the beach, the pool, and of course no homework!! But all good things must come to an end and good will come from this. I will have less fights to break up, more food in the house, more time to work on my pictures and just a piece of my sanity back!! But on another good note...just look at how cute they are when they are being sweet to eachother....

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jazztam said...

Amen to this post!
Kids are off to school and I am throwing myself a party! Just kidding.. I will definitely be less stressed out now..
Take care!