Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mommy's Day with my girl

So what did I do for Mother's day????? I spent it with my favorite people in the whole wide world!!!!!!! My weekend was packed full of things to do. On Saturday, Aly and I got all dressed up to have a girly day. We went to the nail salon to try and get our nails did.....but there was alot of people waiting so they told us to come back....bummer #1. Then we drove into downtown Norfolk to a cute little tea house to have us a tea party....well they were booked solid all day. I guess someone forgot to call and make reservations ): bummer #2. So what would a real mom do.....go to plan B. We looked for another place to have lunch. We happend upon an Indian restaraunt called Rajput that smelled sooo good from the outside! We were very happy to see a little buffet when we walked in. We had never been to an Indian restaraunt before so it was nice to sample the cuisine. We both really liked the food, although it was a little spicy. After lunch we were able to go and finally get our nails done. I had fun being girly with my little lady.

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