Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Birthday, Friends Visiting, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more....

Okay so i've slacked again!!! Time just flys and I really try hard to keep up with this. Anyway, since I last posted I have celebrated my 29th birthday in style. We had a big party and had a blast!! My friend Amber and her family were able to come through for it, and it made it even more special. Thanksgiving was filled with lots of friends and lots of food.....just how it should be! Christmas was very special this year. We didn't have any family visit, we didn't go visit was just the 6 of us. Lamont is leaving in 9 days and that will be a whole other post in itself. But with him leaving, it really makes us appreciate the time we have together as a family. Lamont and I slept in Aly's room on Christmas Eve. We had all of our babies in one room, and that was probably the best moment this season. I hope you all were able to build memories and just enjoy your loved ones!

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